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All DeckoRail® deck components are easy to install and maintain.

Installation Instructions


Solid Decking Installation (pdf - 123 KB) - English - Spanish - French
Slotted Decking Installation (pdf - 290 KB) - English - Spanish - French

Balusters & Connectors

DeckoRail Round and Square balusters come with connectors to speed baluster-to-rail assembly. Arch, Contour, Rectangular, and Glass balusters are pre-drilled and install as easily as wood balusters.

Round Baluster Installation (pdf - 1,090 KB)
Rectangular, Arch and Contour Baluster Installation (pdf - 95 KB)
Square Baluster Installation (pdf - 178 KB)
Glass Baluster Installation (pdf - 105 KB)


ADA-Compliant Handrail Guidelines and Installation - Bilingual (pdf - 7351 KB)
ADA-Compliant Handrail Installation Diagram (pdf - 1.21 MB)
ADA-Compliant Handrail Components Worksheet (pdf - 204 KB)
Wood Rail Trim Installation Guide (pdf - 82 KB)
2 × 4 Bracket Installation - Bilingual (pdf - 688 KB)


Deck Stone Installation (pdf - 1.1 MB)
Postcover Installation Guide (pdf - 3.79 MB)


DeckoRail Baluster Warranty (pdf - 129 KB)
Composite Decking & Railing Warranty (pdf - 41 KB)
Copper Azole Warranty (pdf - 12 KB)
Post Cap Warranty (pdf - 115 KB)
Postcover Warranty (pdf - 87 KB)
Post Cap Care Information (pdf - 983 KB) 

Technical Information

PFS TECO RR-0100 (pdf - 1 MB) 


  • What colors and styles do DeckoRail products come in?
  • DeckoRail® Round balusters are available in white, black, taupe, green and bronze. DeckoRail Arch, Rectangular, Square and Contour balusters are offered in black and bronze. Both Round and Square balusters are available in 26” & 32" lengths. 

    Metal post caps are available in High Top and Ball Top styles in assorted colors. Post caps are also available in solar LED, pressure-treated wood and Tiffany-style stained glass designs.

  • What preservative is used to protect DeckoRail's pressure-treated wood post caps?
  • Our wood post caps are protected by CA-B (Copper Azole Type B), an EPA-registered pesticide containing copper and azole compounds to protect it from termite attack and decay. For more information, refer to the Copper Azole Safe Handling Information.
  • Will the finish on DeckoRail balusters peel or chip over time?
  • The finish on DeckoRail balusters is guaranteed not to chip, peel, corrode or crack for a period of 10 years. All of our balusters and centerpieces are coated with a protective powder-coated finish that resists chipping and peeling.
  • Are DeckoRail balusters strong and safe?
  • Yes. DeckoRail aluminum balusters are constructed of extruded aluminum, and glass balusters are made of 5/16" thick tempered safety glass.
  • Can I use DeckoRail balusters on my interior staircase?
  • Yes. However, an experienced stair contractor should probably take on this installation.
  • What is included in the sample kit?
  • Our kit includes samples pieces of aluminum in the available colors and our DeckoRail brochure.
  • Do I need special tools to install DeckoRail Balusters?
  • A miter saw is needed to angle the Round metal balusters for stairways. For your safety remember to wear protective clothing and safety glasses.
  • How many balusters and post caps will I need for my rail?
  • All of our baluster kits contain the required quantity of balusters and color-coordinated screws to construct one 6' on-center railing. The exception is the glass baluster kit, which contains 5 balusters for ease of shipment. Purchase 1.5 glass balusters for every lineal foot of railing.
  • What is the recommended baluster spacing for a typical rail?
  • We suggest spacing DeckoRail metal balusters 4-1/2" on-center. This leaves 3-3/4" spacing between Round balusters and 3-1/2" between Arch, Contour, Square and Rectangular balusters, which meets most major building code requirements. We recommend spacing glass balusters 7-1/2" on-center for 3-1/2" spacing between balusters. Always check with your local building code official to ensure code compliance prior to installation.
  • Can DeckoRail balusters be used with lumber treated with Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) or Copper Azole (CA-B) wood preservative?
  • DeckoRail aluminum balusters can be used with ACQ or CA-B wood preservative as long as they do not come in direct contact with the treated wood. We recommend using aluminum baluster connectors with washers (included in each package) to attach DeckoRail Round balusters to a railing. Use the plastic washers included with the screws for attaching DeckoRail Arch, Contour, Square or Rectangular balusters to a treated rail. Corrosion caused by direct contact with treated wood is not covered under the warranty.
  • What if I get deck stain or sealant on DeckoRail balusters?
  • Deck treatments will not harm DeckoRail balusters as long as they are cleaned and wiped down immediately.
  • How do I properly secure my DeckoRail post caps to each post?
  • Apply an exterior-grade caulk to the underside of the cap and slip it over the top of the post. Use hot-dip, galvanized finishing nails in high-use areas as needed.
  • How do I keep my copper post cap from turning green?
  • Our copper post caps come with a thin, clear marine lacquer designed to protect them before and during installation. However, once exposed to the elements, the coating breaks down, exposing the metal underneath. In general, copper progresses from a natural salmon color to a series of russet browns and grays, and finally to a blue-green or gray-green patina. To maintain the shiny look, apply a car wax immediately after purchasing the cap, and reapply every 3 to 6 months.
  • Will the metal solder on my glass post caps oxidize?
  • Exposure to the elements may cause the solder on your glass post cap to oxidize and lose its original color. Applying car wax before placing the post cap outdoors will help to prevent the initial oxidation. We have found regular furniture polish to have the same affect, but its prevention time may be varying based on geographical location. Reapply the car wax/furniture polish every 3 to 6 months as needed.

*The actual luminosity of the solar and lighted products may vary from the images shown.